How to Triple Your Placements with This Genius Discovery Method!

January 17, 2024

The Recruitment Reality Check

Let's face it: candidate discovery can feel like a relentless, never-ending marathon. As someone who owns a RecTech company specialising in candidate search optimisation, I have had countless conversations with recruiters all around the world who all wished they could fast-forward to the end of candidate discovery. But here's a wake-up call: scrolling through profiles doesn't have to be the most tedious part of your day. In fact, with the right strategy, it can be your golden ticket to success.

The Dreaded Discovery: Why We Hate It So Much

Statistically speaking, the average recruiter spends 13 hours a week just sourcing candidates for a single role. That's over half of your work week gone! And that is not even the worst of it, I have spoken to recruiters recently who are spending days if not weeks hunting for the right candidates! The monotony of endless scrolling, the frustration of not finding the right fit – it’s no wonder many in our field are desperate for a shortcut.

The Turning Point: A More Accurate Search

But what if I told you that you could cut that time in half, or even more? By refining your search process, you can not only reduce the time spent on discovery but also increase the quality of your candidates. This means more meaningful conversations, more placements, and potentially doubling or tripling your commissions. (This has been a reality for a lot of our clients).

Step 1: Precision Profiling

Start by defining your ideal candidate profile. Hiring manager buzzword bingo will not cut it. Dive deeper than the usual job description. What soft skills are crucial? What specific project experience is a must-have? What companies would your clients love to see candidates from vs not? Where have they hired from in the past? Outside of the job description buzzwords, is there more information the hiring manager or HR team could share to widen the talent pool tent but still keep it focused. Precision is key but thinking outside the box is often where the best candidates exist. Remember, every piece of information should be used to formulate the best search, this is not a spray and pray situation!

Step 2: Smart Sourcing

If you have met our CEO Gabi Preston-Phypers then you will have heard about the dangers of using filters. If not, then click here and hold on tight as she does not hold back. So if filters being broken, your search must start with Boolean. Now this is a word that scares many as is perceived to only be for the hardcore hunters. This is just not true anymore. Boolean is fully accessible and we have ensured that, some of our biggest users on our string building are junior technical recruiters. But the key is this ... utilising Boolean search techniques and AI-driven tools, these are your secret weapons. For instance, using a combination of Boolean strings can increase your search accuracy by up to 70%. This isn't just a numbers game; it's about being smart and efficient (aka not handing money to your competitors because they go to the best candidates first).

Step 3: Engaging and Evaluating

Once you've honed in on potential candidates, it's time to engage. This is where your people skills shine. Remember, a 15-minute call can save you hours of uncertainty. Plus, engaging candidates effectively increases the likelihood of a successful placement by 50%. PS if your struggling with candidate engagement, go back to step 2 and review who you are targeting and how relevant the message is to the audience. Oh and don't forget to sprinkle your magic on there, the candidate wants to know you!

Step 4: Leveraging Your Finds

Here's an added bonus: in your search, you'll likely stumble upon candidates who can open doors to new organizations. Holding the 'hottest candidate on the market' is a powerful tool – use it to your advantage.

The Impact: Measurable Success

By adopting these strategies, you’re not just filling vacancies; you're revolutionizing the way you work. Imagine doubling or even tripling your placement rate. Think about the extra time you'll have – time that can be spent on nurturing client relationships or expanding your network.

The Call to Action: Time for Change

Whether candidate discovery is your favourite part of the job or most hated par, I want you to think about this ... what technology or steps do you need to put in place to streamline the process so you spend less time doing it but still reach/present the best candidates first?

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