How to find the best candidates faster

May 14, 2024

Talent Acquisition peeps .... did you know that 60% of candidates are undiscoverable on Linkedin? 😱

How many pages do you scroll through to validate that your searches are bagging you the best matches?

Some people I have spoken to say that per search they spend at least 3-4, and then hours are wasted configuring and rechecking! Menal!

What would you do with those hours back in your day.... 💰

On this weeks episode of TA Tech Unboxed Chris Haslam (Co-Founder and Talent Advisor at Move) and Darren Bush (Global TA Lead at Ericsson) invited our very own high-energy Gabi Preston-Phypers onto the show.

There are more truth bombs dropped and reality checks, then you can shake a stick at.

Get comfy, grab a cuppa and enjoy!

Lets go hunting!

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