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This technology is designed to instantly scale your team's sourcing capabilities using our AI-powered Boolean search builder, 24/7 keyword enrichment, combo generator & inclusive translator.

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Customer reviews

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Our Clients have transformed their candidate discovery process,
in a way they never thought was possible.
Nathan Zimmer
Senior Partner, High Country Search
“Can't imagine my direct sourcing life without it! Tooled Up Raccoons has  opened my eyes to a world of candidate that I didn't see before. Or perhaps it jus allows me to find them faster. Either way, a real game changer!"
Rob Burrows
Senior Recruiter, The Talent Crowd
Alex Comsia
Recruiter, High Country Search
"Raccoons saves me anywhere from 5-10 additional hours of work for each search. On top of that, I find candidates that I otherwise wouldn't with the old ways. I've had my best quarter yet and Raccoons have played a significant part in that."

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