Our mission & passion
is to help recruiters find
the best talent faster!

Millions of roles remain unfilled every single year, and often those filled are positions quickly re-opened as the match was not “perfect”. But what if there was a smarter and faster way of identifying the perfect candidate on any platform? Therefore enabling you to not only find the candidate their dream role but help the company find their dream candidate.

Why does the perfect match take so long to find?

There are 3 key reasons :

➡️ The level of candidate data available online has exploded exponentially and recruiters have not yet found a way to optimize their search techniques to use the data to their advantage.

➡️ Candidates have fully embraced creativity on their profiles, which means they no longer fit neatly into the filters you are using. They are hiding from you in plain sight.

➡️ Companies have increased ED&I requirements and recruiters are struggling to bring those requirements into their searches.

These reasons combined mean you are now sitting in platforms but you are no longer able to see the true talent you want to find.

Well, that was until you found Tooled Up Raccoons.

Our all-in-one platform will see you lean further and deeper into your technology stack to uncover those hidden candidates faster than anyone else, and make that perfect match!

Come and see what
you get with your
new sourcing best friend

Your mind is about to be blown!

✔️ The Ultimate Sourcing Technology Stack

You are about to take your sourcing from Snail to Cheetah pace with the most powerful sourcing technology in the market place. Your accuracy and speed to execution will see your key stakeholders scratching their heads, wondering when you became super human at finding exceptional candidates.

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✔️ Cutting edge HI

Knowledge is power and there is nothing more powerful than HI (aka Human Intelligence). Our training den, will guide you through ...

➡️ The Hunt basic to advance Boolean
➡️ X-Ray
➡️ Job description to hunt
➡️ Falling in love with Boolean

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The Raccoon squad are sourcing experts and are here to help navigate your squad through any sourcing challenge. Whether they are working a niche role and struggling to find new targets, searching on a new platform and need some guidance or even leveraging sourcing techniques for business development. Whatever their sourcing challenge is, we are here to help and ultimately remove that burden from your management team.