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If you're hunting within platforms that accept Boolean (LinkedIn Recruiter Lite, LinkedIn Recruiter, job boards, CRMs etc), you're going to want this technology.
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Start your 7 day free trial
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It's all well and good providing you with the ultimate search builder that automates your process... BUT we also believe in the power of truly understanding what's happening behind the scenes. Delve in to 8+ hours of sourcing specific training so you never hit a wall again.

I've got 3 Interviews from jobs taken yesterday on the back of using TUR booleans on LinkedIn recruiter and gone back over my old jobs using their boolean and it's brought up a whole army of people I've somehow missed.

Rob Burrows
Senior Recruiter,
The Talent Crowd

Tech that's actually helpful and doesn't break the bank. Quite frankly, it's a game changer. This platform has changed the way we search for candidates and it's 100% for the better.

Sarah Wixon
Director of Operations,
Pie Recruitment

Raccoons saves me anywhere from 5-10 additional hours of work for each search. On top of that, I find candidates that I otherwise wouldn't with the old ways. I've had my best quarter yet and Raccoons have played a significant part in that.

Alex Comsia
Executive Recruiter,
High Country: PE Search

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