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Raccoon Technology

There are 5 core stages in the candidate discovery process, and our technology embeds into each to bring you the ultimate efficiency and accuracy from beginning to end of your hunt.

This is not just about adopting a piece of technology, its about embedding the ultimate hunting process.


💡 Training: Boost Your Recruiting Expertise! Our 8-hour training, perfect for all recruiters, features concise video modules to fit any schedule. Learn from basic candidate discovery to advanced Boolean techniques. Knowledge is power!


🧠 AI + RI (Raccoon Intelligence): Craft the sharpest, most industry relevant and candidate-centric Boolean strings in seconds.

🦝 Raccoon Intelligence: Continuously refining your search strings with smart, candidate-focused suggestions for unmatched precision and results.

🔍 Error-Proofing: Built-in error detection ensures your Boolean strings are as flawless.


🛠️ Critique to Perfection: Enter our unique Deconstruct Mode, where you and your hiring managers can dissect and critique your search strings together. This feature brings a new level of collaboration to your recruitment process, ensuring that every nuance of the role's requirements is captured precisely.


🌐 4D Searches: Dive beyond the surface of your data, my pulling the perfect search combinations.

🌟 Enrich on the Fly: Adapt and capture every nuance of candidate uniqueness.

🌍 No Languages Barriers: Go global with string translations in 103 languages (automatically capturing masculine and feminine variations).

🚀 Platform Agnostic: Execute your search on ANY platform that speaks Boolean.


📚 Ultimate String Library: Create and access a library of your most effective search strings. Quickly revert to these ultimate searches to kick start any hunt, saving time by never starting from scratch.

🤝 Team Collaboration: Share your ultimate strings across the team, fostering collaboration and reusing the best strategies. Why wouldn't you want the rest of your team to hunt like your top biller?

Why Choose Tooled Up Raccoons?

Designed by hunters for hunters
Comprehensive suite of tools to enhance any hunt
A solution that works with both Boolean beginners and advanced users

Got an unfillable role haunting your team?

Book a demo and we'll show you how Tooled Up Raccoons tech will discover undiscovered talent, in minutes! No role is unfillable, you just wait and see!

Customer Reviews

Blown away by the impact. My speed to execution has meant I am reaching top talent quicker than my competitors. My candidate pools are bigger but far more accurate, so endless scrolling is now a thing of the past. I wish I had got Tooled Up Raccoons years ago! You would be a fool to not use it!"
Matthew Richards
Managing Director
“Can't imagine my direct sourcing life without it! Tooled Up Raccoons has  opened my eyes to a world of candidate that I didn't see before. Or perhaps it jus allows me to find them faster. Either way, a real game changer!
Nathan Zimmer
Senior Partner
“Tooled Up Raccoons has allowed me to scale up my business development; cutting search time by 50% and increasing volume of contacts that truly match my search criteria.
Alex Oprea
Lead Gen Executive
Alex Comsia
Raccoons saves me anywhere from 5-10 additional hours of work for each search. On top of that, I find candidates that I otherwise wouldn't with the old ways. I've had my best quarter yet and Raccoons have played a significant part in that."
“Tech that's actually helpful and doesn't break the bank. Quite frankly, it's a game changer. This platform has changed the way we search for candidates and it's 100% for the better. It's backed up by a training programme designed to take someone with no understanding of Boolean to a sourcing genius and we love the updates we get when algorithms change on platforms - Gabi & Mitch are all over it, all of the time."
Sarah Wixon
Operations Director
I've found the unicorn in the guise of Tooled Up Raccoons! Tooled Up Raccoons is easy to use on the platform which is provided. Also, when I need a little extra help Gabi was straight on it advising and helping!
Roger F

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