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Build searches like the top 1% of recruiters

An AI powered search building platform that will help you discover undiscovered talent pools within your existing sourcing tech stack

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“Can't imagine my direct source life without it! Tooled Up Raccoons has opened my eyes to a world of candidates that I didn't see before. Or perhaps it just allows me to find them faster. Either way, a real game changer"

Nathan Zimmerman

Senior Partner

“Tech that's actually helpful - and doesn't break the bank. Quite simply, it's a game changer. This platform has changed the way we search for candidates and it's 100% for the better. It's backed up by a training programme designed to take someone with no understanding of Boolean to a sourcing genius and we love the updates we get when algorithms change on platforms - Gabi & Mitch are all over it, all of the time..”

Sarah Wixon

Operations Director

"Blown away by the impact. My speed to execution has meant I am reaching top talent quicker than my competitors. My candidate pools are bigger but far more accurate, so endless scrolling is now a thing of the past. I wish I had got Tooled Up Raccoons years ago! You would be a fool to not use it."

Matthew Richards

Managing Director

“Tooled Up Raccoons has allowed me to scale up my business development; cutting search time by 50% and increasing the volume of contacts that truly match my search criteria.”

Alex Oprea

Lead Gen Executive


More relevant candidates
found per search


The reduction in
your time to hire


The accuracy of your search

AI Powered Builder

Instantly kickstart your searches with the ultimate AI powered Boolean builder.

✔️ Automatic Boolean Construction

✔️ Automatic Job Title Variations

✔️ Synonyms & Related Words

✔️ Contextual Suggestions

Search Combos

Candidates may not include ALL the keywords on their profile that we're using in our search. One Boolean string won't cut it.

✔️ Rapidly execute multiple search combinations

✔️ Easily check and uncheck specific components

✔️ Delve deeper than ever before and widen your net

✔️ Also available for our translation feature output

Search Translations

Don't let language barriers stand in your way. The inclusive approach to sourcing for international talent.

✔️ Choose from 103 languages

✔️ Translate in up to 5 languages at one time

✔️ Automatically capture feminine and masculine variations

✔️ Write Boolean in your native tongue & translate when needed

Auto-Enrich (Coming Soon)

Our soon-to-be-launched feature aids recruiters in keeping their Boolean searches update-to-date round the clock.

✔️ Harness the power of our human-built database

✔️ Over 110,000 connected word suggestions

✔️ Receive automatic alerts with new keyword suggestions

✔️ Unearth those hidden gems in your niche with Auto-Enrich

Sourcing Academy

Equip your recruiters with strategies reserved for the elite. Over 7 hours of bite sized pre-recorded sourcing training.

✔️ Learn to craft the ultimate online candidate searches

✔️ Gain 10X ROI from existing sourcing platforms

✔️ Leverage Boolean & X-Ray for their specific strengths

✔️ Never hit a dead-end in your sourcing journey again

Ready to join the top 1% of recruiters? 

Beat your competitors to top talent every single day with the power of Tooled Up Raccoons.