Where are you on the candidate sourcing iceberg?

The “standard” sourcing approach looks like this …
🥱 Get job description
🥱 Extract some buzz words
🥱 Start running filter / basic Boolean search
🥱 You might even use a software that “builds your search for you”

There is ZERO competitive advantage in this approach as there are recruiters around the world doing exactly this!

What's worse is this technique will only ever scrape the surface of the platforms you are hunting on.  What a waste of time and money.   

You need to find these candidates faster and engage them first. 

Standard sourcing practices will not get you there. You need to dig deeper!

If you want to ...

✅ Have a toolbox overflowing with sourcing techniques to help you find the best candidates

✅ Improve speed and accuracy of your Candidate hunt

✅ Ensure delivery of the ultimate Candidates to your Clients every time

✅ Beat your competition to top talent

Then our all-in-one sourcing training & technology program is for your business!

What is included?

Training. Technology. Support.

Power Training

It is time to level up your knowledge, as knowledge is power!

Our course program is packed full of exciting content that will improve your sourcing process, strategy and overall competitive advantage.

Each module has a series of energetic bitesize videos, assessments and mini-assignments which are reviewed by a human at Raccoon HQ and bespoke feedback is provided.

I can promise you that learning with Raccoons is never boring, so bring your energy!

The materials available on this training platform continue to evolve, so keep your eyes peeled!

Raccoon Tech

It's time to take your hunting efficiency to new levels, across any platform.

The Raccoon technology will enable you to take your new found knowledge of sourcing techniques and apply them with the optimum operational effcieicny in order to improve your speed and accuracy in hunting.

Create & leverage a unique search string library, that will become your IP, USP and ultimate sourcing weapon.

You will never be the last one to find a candidate ever again.

On-going Support

The only way to be the best you can be is be having someone who can lean on for guidance.

If you are on a hunt and struggling then it is time to hit the Raccoon button and book a private 20 minute 1:1 power-up video call.

During the call we can cover any sourcing topic you want to get help on.

Whether your working a niche role and struggling to find new targets, searching on a new platform and need some guidance or even leveraging sourcing techniques for business development.

Whatever your sourcing challenge is, we are there to help.

You are never hunting alone!

"Raccoons has become an everyday part of our candidate searching toolbox."

“Raccoons has become an everyday part of our candidate searching toolbox.  Especially with highly technical roles we’ve learned to grow and share our Boolean strings so you don’t re-invent the wheel over and over.  Love it.”

Steve Doyle, CEO at EVera Recruitment

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Are you ready to level-up your sourcing game?

If you shouted YES, then it's time to join Tooled Up Raccoons and become the ultimate hunter in your field!

You are one click away from transforming your candidate sourcing forever!