Level up your sourcing game

Searching for Talent used to be one of the most inefficient parts of the recruitment process, well that was until Tooled Up Raccoons was born!

"Raccoons saves me anywhere from 5-10 additional hours of work for each search. On top of that, I find candidates that I otherwise wouldn't with the old ways. I've had my best quarter yet and Raccoons have played a significant part in that."

Alex Comsia
High Country Search Group

Features that get you results

Build a bespoke library

Stop starting every search from scratch. Get organised and develop the ultimate string library for today, tomorrow, and always. This library will be your IP, USP and weapon.

Leverage folders to customise your team's library
Build high quality keyword & company strings
Switch views to make your strings easier to edit
Build & retain internal search IP for your team
Error detect & correct

Errors in your Boolean string can break your search. Not anymore, thanks to our advanced error detection technology checking your Boolean string logic for you.

Missing / duplicate quotation detection
Bracket nesting and operator checks
Automatic spacing check & correction
Colour coded operators & modifiers for easy edits
Collaborate to win

Know a teammate who is covering a similar job or targeting similar companies? Invite them to collaborate at the string or folder level, and speed up the hunt!

Build target company strings together
Share keyword knowledge to thrive as a unit
Provide view-only or full edit collaboration access
Share strings with the team whilst you are on leave
Boolean string translation

Did you know that by searching for candidates in a specific country using their native language, you can uncover up to 220% more candidates? Translate your searches in seconds.

Choose from over 130 languages
Translate up to 10 languages at once
We take care of the Boolean construction
Make translation your sourcing USP
Boolean string history

Made a change to your string and ruined your search? Maybe it was a collaborator?! We've got you. With full revision history, you can restore any previous version of your string!

Every update to your string is stored
Any updates made by collaborators are tracked
Protect your search IP
Never have to start from scratch again
Chrome extension

Candidates live outside the world of hiring manager buzzword bingo, so capture their uniqueness to deepen your search using our Chrome Extension.

Build, edit & access strings anywhere online
Capture new keywords without leaving the tab
Use "Auto Add" to rapidly build target company lists
Duplicate detection for "clean" company list building

We don't stop there

In order to dig deeper than any competitor, we believe that there has to be a healthy balance between knowledge and your reliance on tech

The Raccoon
Sourcing Academy

Master Boolean

Gain access to our online knowledge base of basic to advanced Boolean sourcing techniques that make machine-built searches look elementary.

Master X-Ray

Take advantage of our online X-Ray training modules where you will learn to leverage public search engines to discover entirely new talent pools for FREE.

1:1 Video Sourcing Support

Stuck on a search?  Need help with a Boolean string?
Schedule a 20-minute 1:1 power-up session with a sourcing expert. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Sourcing Support via Email

Don't have time to talk?! Don't worry, we've got your back. Send your sourcing queries to us via email and we'll respond the same way!

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