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Boolean Basics

What is Boolean Search?

Boolean Search is an advanced search approach for recruiters & sales professionals to search for target individuals online.

Boolean Operators

Operators are used to set the requirements of your search. The most common operators to use in your Boolean String include:

- AND - to add essential words/phrases
- OR - to add word/phrase variations
- NOT - to exclude specific words/phrases

Operators must be written in capital letters.

Boolean Modifiers

Modifiers can be used to further refine, group and expand your search requirements. The main modifiers include:

- "" - Quotations to surround phrases
- ( ) - Brackets to surround variations
- * - Asterix to expand word variants

The * modifier does not work with LinkedIn.

Where can I use Boolean?

Boolean can be leveraged to accurately filter results across many platforms.

This includes CRMs, Social Media platforms, Job Boards, Aggregators & more.

We will be publishing a list of Boolean compatible platforms soon.

Why do I need to know it?

Treat Boolean string building like cooking.

If you can learn to use the right combination of ingredients, you will produce amazing results.

Boolean will help you improve search result accuracy, and discover new targets entirely.

New to Boolean and hungry for more?

Follow the link below for our 10 minute crash course,
otherwise keep reading.

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Introducing Boo

Boo, the Boolean Ninja

Boo, is a Boolean building chrome extension for recruiters & sales professionals.

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Pricing options thereafter:

A) £14.99 per user, per month, billed monthly.
B) £7.49 per user, per month, billed annually.

All prices exclude VAT / Sales Tax / GST.

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Boo's Headline Features

Simple, yet powerful features

Features designed by hunters for hunters.

Create a Unique Search Library

Create, update and edit a library of company lists and keyword strings without leaving your Chrome browser tab. Highlight any word or phrase on any website you're on and immediately add it to your chosen string.

Build Boolean Strings Together

Connect to your teammates and create powerful Boolean search strings together and build the ultimate Boolean string library that would make your competitors eyes water.

Error Detection

With our cutting edge Boolean string error detection you, no longer need to worry that your search will fail due to logic errors. There are even errors that Boo will detect and fix automatically when you press save.


What our customers
are saying

Don’t just take our word for it.

"Great new sourcing tool that actually allows for collaboration and easy updates to boolean strings!  No more trying to manage spreadsheets to build your target company boolean strings or trying to dig up the shared docs."

Rawson Leavitt
Lead Recruiter at TigerConnect

"I love it Gabi" I'll be signing up for the annual subscription. It's definitely enhanced my searches. The service is really impressive and I really feel like a valued customer"

Lisa Gills
Director at Wild Squirrel Recruitment

"Honestly huge fan - it's lovely seeing recruiter tech that can actually make recruiters money with no stupid cost!!"

Jamie Rose
Founder at Blend Rec2Rec