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"Great new sourcing tool that actually allows for collaboration and easy updates to boolean strings!  No more trying to manage spreadsheets to build your target company boolean strings or trying to dig up the shared docs."
Rawson Leavitt
Director of Talent at TigerConnect
"Our quality of results from searches has improved immensely. Our team are often a little reluctant to take on new things abut they have all embraced the learning and are applying it in the day to day already."
Jonathan Hirst
Managing Director at Network Marketing
“Raccoons has become an everyday part of our candidate searching toolbox. Especially with highly technical roles we’ve learned to build search's that we never would have considered. It has uncovered us incredible talent that we never would have found, if it had not been for Raccoons. Not to mention, the time saved by being ready to hunt rather than always behind the curve. Love it.”
Steve Doyle
CEO at EVera Recruitment