CEO & Co-Founder

I do not colour between the lines and live to push boundaries.



Gabi personally ...

👉 I do not colour between the lines and live to push boundaries.

👉 I have been with Mitch since we were 17 years old and married since we were 21.

👉 Always want to show two beautiful little girls that they can be the person they want to be and achieve everything they put their mind too

👉 I have Dyslexia, and am so prod as it has made me ME

👉 Filled with energy, without any of the caffeine

Gabi professionally ...

👉 A significant percentage of my career was spent in Investment Banking, focused of facilitating operational excellence for our Hedge Fund clients (this is where my addiction to operational excellence kicked in)

👉 I hate using excessive technology that over complicates aa simple problem

👉 I love helping recruitment teams optimise their tech stack

👉 You cant keep me quiet once I get talking about Boolean as I believe it is the core to creating the most optimum candidate sourcing process

👉 A passion bigger than the universe to help everyone around me so they can be the best they can be

My love and passion for life has no boundaries and infects every aspect of my life.

I look forward to welcoming you into our family and taking on the world together (we are stronger together).