Boolean Academy

Showing recruiters how to discover talent pools that neither they nor their competitors have seen before.

It's time to differentiate your sourcing strategy by leveraging the true power of Boolean.

All for £240 + VAT per recruiter.

Discover the Undiscovered

Competitive Advantage

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

1) Which platforms do you source from?
2) Do other recruiters have the same access?
3) How do you retain a sourcing competitive advantage?

Well, one answer to Q3 is.... Boolean.

Through our "Discover the Undiscovered" training programme, you will learn to leverage the art of Boolean & discover entirely new talent pools within your existing sourcing platforms.

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Our Academy Services

Discover the Undiscovered

We provide deep targeted training that will leave your clients and competitors scratching their heads

Core Training Programme

✔️ Generate 100s, if not 1000s more relevant results
✔️ Create repeatable "search build" practices
✔️ Get lean by removing duplicate activities
✔️ Get addicted to finding undiscovered talent pools

👉 1 x Live 1-to-1 / Team Session (up to 5) - 90 Minutes
👉 1 x Live 1-to-1 Session - 90 Minutes

🔥 £240 + VAT per Recruiter

Boolean Sourcing Audit

Identify Boolean sourcing strategy weaknesses
✔️ Rectify & supercharge your Boolean sourcing
✔️ Implement / enhance Boolean sourcing processes
✔️ Remove unnecessary duplicate sourcing activities

Schedule -
Live 1-to-1 Session - 90 Minutes
👉 30 minute review of your current sourcing strategy
👉 60 minutes dedicated to improving your strategy


🔥 £150 + VAT per Recruiter

We Are Different

Training Tailored To You

How often do you attend generic training sessions made for anyone & everyone? No pre-recorded training here.

Pre-Training Documents

Prior to the training sessions, you will complete pre-training documentation that will provide us with key information to truly personalise your training experience.

The results will also determine your current Boolean knowledge level to help us tailor the programme to you.

Live Examples Specific to You

During the training, we will use live search examples that show you how to discover candidates that your current search strategies are missing. All search examples will be specific to...

YOUR Industry, YOUR Specialism, YOU.


What our great customers are saying

Don’t just take our word for it.

"I just want to say thank you so so much, your help and the training really has been priceless and I know that using it will change my game completely which I have you and Gabi to thank for that!"

Natalie Baker
Director at NB Search & Selection

"Wow, what can I say, this has been the best training I've ever received in terms of support and knowledge. Before I attended Mitch's training I was lacking confidence with Boolean searches and feeling a bit overwhelmed.Mitch was patient, he genuinely cares about helping people get the most from the sessions. Thanks Mitch you're a legend."

Lisa Gills
Director at Wild Squirrel Recruitment

"Having done lots of research and watched many webinars over the years, I have been using Boolean for sometime now, but felt there was more to learn and, wanting to be the best that I can be, as a recruiter, I decided to invest in myself with 1:1 training. I had my first Boolean training session with Tooled Up Raccoons 🦝this morning.I highly recommend this training. Thank you Mitch Preston-Phypers; your knowledge and enthusiasm is incredible and inspirational. I am on my way to being a Boolean expert and you're right, it is addictive. I will certainly be searching for Wally tomorrow at work. Here's to my next session!

Elaine Parsons