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Shorten Your JOB TITLE Strings & Generate MORE Accurate Results!!

Switch Boolean techniques to generate more results and more importantly, accurate results that your competitors will not be seeing.


This sourcing hack is best used if you are working with platforms that enable you to specifically search a “job title” field with Boolean.  

Examples include LinkedIn Recruiter, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Xing, Viadeo and some CRMs, some Job Boards etc.

If you haven’t guessed it by now… I LOVE BOOLEAN!!

Shhhh… don’t tell my wife (& raccoon business partner) Gabi, although I think she already knows.

One of the reasons that I LOVE Boolean, is that there are simple but slightly different techniques you can adopt to create epic Boolean strings that generate additional accurate results.

The Long Technique

For example, some recruiters and MOST automatic semantic builders will be building job title strings made up of precise “long version” job title variations like the below example:

("software engineer" OR "sw engineer" OR "software developer" OR "sw developer" OR "software development engineer" OR "sw development engineer" OR "software programmer" OR "sw programmer" OR "firmware engineer" OR "fw engineer" OR "firmware developer" OR "fw developer" OR "firmware programmer" OR "fw programmer" OR "firmware development engineer" OR "base software developer" OR "base software engineer" OR "base software programmer" OR "base sw engineer" OR "base sw developer" OR "base sw programmer" OR "embedded system engineer" OR "embedded system developer" OR "embedded system programmer" OR "embedded systems engineer" OR "embedded systems developer" OR "embedded systems programmer")

This job title string is for the purpose of targeting firmware engineers.

Don’t get me wrong, this is great and it will provide you with some highly accurate results.  BUT…..

This will be limiting your search results to profiles which specifically have these job titles (obviously).

If an individual has chosen to create a slight variation of the job title that is not in the semantic builder’s database or specifically written as it is on their profile, the profile will be missed from the search results.

The Short Hand Technique

Depending on the platform I am working with, I like to mix things up and work with shorter strings that allow for some flexibility.

For example, the short string below used in the job title field on LinkedIn Recruiter will generate exactly the same profile results as the longer string above.

("software" OR "sw" OR "firmware" OR "fw" OR "base software" OR "base sw" OR "embedded system" OR "embedded systems") AND ("engineer" OR "developer" OR "programmer")

BUT… it will do more than that….

It will produce additional accurate results that you will not see using the longer terms.

This is because of the shorter string’s flexible breakdown.  It will allow for variations of job titles but still maintain the important “skill” and “job type” required to distinguish your targets.

For example, this technique breaks down the job title into two sections:


  • ("software" OR "sw" OR "firmware" OR "fw" OR "base software" OR "base sw" OR "embedded system" OR "embedded systems") 

Job Type

  • AND ("engineer" OR "developer" OR "programmer")

Generate Even More Results

If you wanted to be really wild, you could switch the AND operator to a NOT operator and include keywords like the below:

NOT ("director" OR "manager" OR "head" OR "chief" OR “leader“ OR “vice“)

This technique will open your search up further to identify individuals that don’t stick to the norm and instead of using the term developer, may have used terms such as unicorn, ninja, creator, expert, specialist etc.

Switch techniques to generate more results and more importantly, results that your competitors will not be seeing.

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