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Collaborate to Prosper

Leverage Boolean today to build your teams competitive advantage, USP and IP.

As the old saying goes, "there is no I in team".

Being a mostly commission based sector (more so in the agency world), recruitment can sometimes intentionally or unintentionally create a LoneWolf culture, with recruiters striving for the "Top Biller" or "Consultant of the Quarter" status.

This is OK... it is good to have competition - competition drives progress, and ultimately success.  

BUT, it is important that this competitive culture never prevents/inhibits working together as a team.

Quiz time!

1) Do you collaborate with your fellow recruiters on keyword string building?

2) What about target company lists in a specific field or industry?

If the answer is yes..... then boom - some major dream team action taking place over there!  Maybe Boo can still make this process easier for you?!

If the answer is no..... then you might be missing a trick.

Gain the competitive advantage today and work together to build epic Boolean.

Interested to know how to develop your Boolean building culture, then you need to hire your very own digital raccoon, Boo.

Boo enables collaborative Boolean building!

Let's put it this way...

("You can simply choose to share Boolean strings or company target lists with your colleagues."
"Switch on collaboration mode with a specific list or string and work together on building epicness.")

Here are two common scenarios....

Scenario 1 - You have a new Junior Recruiter in the team.  They need time to build skillset/sector specific knowledge, so you are not ready to invite them to collaborate on the build.  No problem.  Simply share a keyword string using Boo, so that the Junior Recruiter receives their own copy of the string to work on.  This will give them an unbelievable head start in being able to identify potential candidates.   Share the love!

Scenario 2 - You have an experienced and trusted colleague and/or team that you are happy to contribute to your keyword strings or target company lists.  Awesome.  Simply, invite those team members to collaborate on the specific string/s or list/s.  Collaborate to prosper!

Boo or no Boo, leverage Boolean today to build your teams competitive advantage, USP and IP.


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