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Boolean is YOUR weapon

Life as a recruiter is getting busier by the day.

Shifting effectively from task to task is now a superpower.

You have multiple inboxes to manage (Email, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Recruiter, SMS, WhatsApp and more).

Your clients are demanding candidates faster.

Don't let these distractions inhibit you from developing your most powerful weapon, your USP, your IP.

Your Boolean!

Life can get so busy that sometimes (just sometimes), you might forget to note down a useful keyword on a candidate profile?

Or even a company name where there could be other potential talent?  

That single keyword or phrase, could be the difference in your search strategy.

That will find that perfect candidate.

To save that keyword, it typically involves navigating away from your browser tab to pull up Notepad, your MS Word document, your Google Doc or wherever else you store your boolean (if you even store your boolean!!).

This takes time and may not seem like a priority at the time.

But this is the HIGHEST priority, when focusing on developing your search strategy.

That single keyword improves your overall Boolean strategy across every platform that you work with.

Our digital raccoon Boo will help you easily re-prioritise this task.

Boo will help you build, store and access your Boolean strings from any website/tab, using our Chrome extension.  

Just highlight a word and use Boo to save down that critical keyword.  

Never miss a keyword or target company again.


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