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“I don't need to know Boolean, this tool does it for me”!!!!

Is Boolean dead? Some seem to think so, thankfully NOT all.


This will not turn into a rant…. I promise…. I think…

The title of this blog was also a recent statement made by a recruiter on Facebook.

It appeared that this opinion was also shared by others…. NOT all thankfully.

Boolean search is a critical methodology used by recruiters, sales professionals and is the backbone of many sourcing platform providers.

Boolean logic was first invented by George Boole back in 1847.

One could argue that Boolean type decision making has been with us even before this “official date”.

For example, deciding what you want to eat and drink i.e. I will choose (bread OR rice OR cheese) AND (milk OR water OR whiskey) etc.

Boolean search is actually very simple in concept, yet is also the powerhouse of most of the “advanced” sourcing platforms that you see in the marketplace today.

For example, when you select titles from LinkedIn’s pre-defined list in the “Job Titles” field as per the below:

This is simply creating a Boolean string as follows:

(“Senior Quantity Surveyor” OR “Quantity Surveyor” OR “Project Quantity Surveyor” OR “Assistant Quantity Surveyor”)

In addition to the job titles above, if you decide to use LinkedIn’s “Companies” filter as per the below:

You are then continuing to build a Boolean string in the background like the below:

(“Senior Quantity Surveyor” OR “Quantity Surveyor” OR “Project Quantity Surveyor” OR “Assistant Quantity Surveyor”) AND (Microsoft OR Siemens OR KPMG OR Capgemini OR “Mott MacDonald” OR BP OR Aon)

You may be asking…. “Why do I care?"

Some sourcing technology providers have actually created “Automatic Boolean String Builders” and other solutions that use Boolean in it’s very basic form but do NOT take advantage of the full capabilities of Boolean.

“What does this actually mean?”

It means that you will be paying £100’s if not £1000’s for sourcing tech that isn’t actually making your search strategy any better.  

They will shout about automation, saving you time, cover more jobs blah blah blah, but in some cases the fundamental search logic is completely flawed.

Some sourcing tech provides even more general results to sift through and in worse cases, the system is actually MISSING profiles that you actually WANT to see.

By understanding Boolean logic, you can quiz the software provider and make sure that the system is ACTUALLY building better search logic in the background (that you cannot see and can eventually become complacent to).

By learning Boolean, you can not only build better searches without spending £1,000s, you can also question sourcing technology providers in a way that prevents you from losing £1000s on a tool that actually takes you backwards.

Did you guess? I love Boolean and hope you do too :)

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