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Are you ( “a BFF” OR “an FFF” OR “an SBFF” ) ?

Boolean has a reputation.  A mixed one.

Some fall deeply in love with Boolean and they just "get each other" early in the relationship.  

They become BFFs (Boolean Friends Forever)!

Whilst others can never quite build that initial bond and become one of the following:

  • FFFs (Filter Friends Forever)
  • SBFFs (Semantic Builder Friends Forever)

FFFs rely solely on "out of the box" filters provided by individual platforms (databases, job boards, social networks etc).

Where SBFFs rely on the output of Semantic Search Builders (free or paid versions).

Although FFFs and SBFFs can potentially run faster searches, those searches are not unique. 

Every other recruiter with access to those platform filters and semantic builders will be running the same limited searches, with the same pool of candidates.

FFFs also must adapt to each platform with its own filter requirements.

FFFs and SBFFs are no match for BFFs.

BFFs take advantage of their relationship with Boolean and combine this with their domain expertise and skillset specialisation to build EPIC search strings.

Search strings that are:

  • Compatible with 99% of platforms (databases, job boards, social media networks etc).
  • Unique and provide access to new talent pools.

BBFs with custom built, highly specific Boolean will have the EDGE.

If you are going to choose to be only one of these – we believe you should choose to be a BFF.


We actually DO NOT recommend that you choose just one.

We believe that a recruiter that can combine their love for Boolean Search, Semantic Searching and Filters will ultimately conquer and defeat ANY competition (including the so-called AI in the marketplace).

A recruiter that can:

  1. Build highly specific, skillset orientated Boolean strings.
  2. Optimise those Boolean strings, using the Semantic Search approach (including words with similar meanings, keyword variations, abbreviations, typos etc).
  3. Maximise the use of specific Filters on search platforms to further focus the results.  For example, the “Spoken languages”, “Years in current company” & “Years of experience” filters on LinkedIn can be very helpful.

Boo, our digital raccoon can help you with points 1 & 2 but for point 3 you are on your own…. for now 😉.

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