Find Hidden Emails On GitHub

Gabi Preston-Phypers
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Ever used GitHub to source candidates?

Then realised their email address is not there? 😨

Well, we found a sneaky way to find EVERY hidden email address 🥳

Keep reading to see this hack in action ...

Step 1: Go to GitHub

Step 2: Input search in top right corner, e.g. location: London language: python backend

Step 3: Click "users" on results page

Step 4: Pick profile you want to look at ...

Step 5: On left hand side there maybe an email. If so, stop here. If not, keep going ...

Step 6: Click "repositories" at top of profile

Step 7: Select a "public" project

Step 8: Click "commits"

Step 9: Select a submission and let it load

Step 10: Go to URL and type ".patch" at the end

BOOM, just like magic their email address ...

* Orange bar applied by me, you have to do some of the work ;-)

Everyday is a school day 🤓

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Gabi Preston-Phypers

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