What we do

We are a team of sourcing addicts who have dedicated our lives to helping recruiters, all around the world, become the ultimate sourcer in their field through the power of a Raccoon.

During our time as recruiters we transformed our own business by implenting the exact same principles we are sharing with you.

Fast forward to today and clients all around the world have transformed their sourcing game and are now sourcing without limits.

Now its your turn!

Raccoons and recruiters are not that different.  Here's why we chose them.

Underestimated Intelligence
The recruitment industry takes a lot of flack. In some cases, a recruiter's job can be perceived as "oh you just match a person to a job - that sounds easy". We understand that recruiting is a fine art.
Forage Through Rubbish
Recruiters have to sift through a lot of job applications and profiles in general to find the gems. Technology is improving efficiencies here but it still remains a critical role.
Resourceful Problem Solvers
Raccoons have proved time and time again to be able to solve complex problems in unexpected ways. Recruiters have to solve evolving challenges everyday and continuously think outside the box.
Populations Have Exploded
Just like recruiters, the global raccoon population has surged in recent years in both cities and the rural countryside. The increasing population requires faster thinking & evolution to stay ahead.

Meet the team

Founder & CEO
Head of Product
Head of Raccoon Adoption
Agile Project Manager
Senior Technical Engineer
Head of Software Delivery
Quality Analyst Engineer
Senior Technical Engineer
Senior Design Engineer